Dolphin Homes

Dolphin Homes

Dolphin Homes is a specialist care provider delivering first class quality care and support for adults with learning difficulties, challenging behaviour, physical disabilities and complex health needs, autism and Asperger's syndrome.

They run 12 homes in Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey, each of which has been adapted and furnished specifically with the users in mind.

Tri-Synergy created Dolphin Homes' original website several years ago and it was starting to look dated. So the company approached Tri-Synergy once again to provide a new responsive website which would enable the website to be viewed effectively on any device - as well as ensuring the site looked contemporary and was easy to use.

Dolphin Homes then asked Tri-Synergy to manage the news on their website and via social media, ensuring that residents, potential residents and their families were kept up to date with all the activities at Dolphin Homes.

Later, Tri-Synergy were also awarded the responsibility of Dolphin Homes brochure folders that provide information about Dolphin Homes and their services.


Dolphin Homes' new website has been created using a content management system (CMS) which enables the client to update or edit the site as and when required.

Tri-Synergy also ensured the new website is responsive, meaning that viewers using devices of all kinds will enjoy a positive and easy experience as well as benefitting from easy navigation.

The contemporary new site is also designed to be aesthetically pleasing with sliding banners and gallery pages, as well as being accessible with a page dedicated to the site's accessibility features.

Tri-Synergy now liaises with all 12 of the Dolphin Homes to solicit their news and any accompanying images to create a news articles / social media posts which are then added to the website / released via Facebook.

A 4 sided folder with flap brochure was designed and created by Tri-Synergy with the optimum layout for the text and images as well as a reputable and reliable printer sourced.


Nick Heather at Dolphin Homes is impressed with Tri-Synergy's service and the finished product. "We were very happy with our original website but we know that times change and visitors now view websites from all kinds of devices. So, having been impressed with Tri-Synergy's work in the past, we decided to approach them once again for our new website.

"The finished product is fantastic; visually it's much more modern and fresh, the fact that it's CMS means we can update it whenever we need to and we're delighted that it's easily accessed by visitors with disabilities."