Live in Your Client's Space and Convert

As the internet has grown so has the abundance of information – in fact Google has stated that every two days there is as much information created as the total information created from the dawn of civilisation to 2013 and this is rapidly increasing. This has allowed your potential clients to do their own research through various resources; social media, search engines and other online services.

70% of the research and the decision making process has been carried out before the potential client makes contact with your business.

Change in Buying Process

This shift in the buying process has led marketers to find new ways to reach potential clients and improve their lead generation. Gone are the days of a mass mail out to a wide audience with the idea of gathering responses from surveys or questionnaires.

Instead, where potential clients carry out their own research, business’s need to build on their online presence and make sure their lead generation programmes encompass and offer valuable content that informs and educates through reviews, product videos and advertising. The purpose of this activity is to put good content into the ‘space’ that your clients are looking and researching information to aid their decision making. If you are not in their space, you don’t exist. A lot of content ultimately drives traffic back to a website or a designated landing page, with a call to action or contact opportunity.

Whilst driving traffic to your website is good, at the end of the day you want visitors to become leads, and ultimately, happy clients. For this to happen you need to continuously and consistently offer high quality content so you can begin to gain your potential clients trust and start to build a relationship with them.

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Three key tips to help improve your Lead Generation: 

It isn't something that will happen overnight but you can maximise your efforts with a few helpful tips.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages are a fantastic way to convert a visitor into a lead. The purpose of most content websites is to provide information; landing pages are designed for collecting contact information. Hubspot recognises the opportunity to capture potential leads at a much higher rate if they are sent to a targeted landing page, rather than the homepage. 

Hubspot Landing Page

Once the visitor has completed the form they should be automatically directed to a "Thank you" page, not only does this prevent a potential lead from hanging and wondering what will happen next but this also offers business a great opportunity to gather additional information or promote a new product or service.

‘Thank-You’ pages are generally under-utilised and can be an extra ‘prod’ or incentive for a client.

Calls-to-Actions (CTA)

Great content marketing can help drive lead generation, but it always needs to take visitors to the lead opportunity. The best way to do this is to finish each article with a Call-To-Action. 

A Call-To-Action is a button or a link on your website that grabs a user’s attention and encourages them to take an “action” – “Buy Now”, “Download Here”.

The key to a successful CTA focuses around 4 core elements:

Text: Is it easy to understand, does it create urgency?
Placement: Is it in a logical place?
Size: Ensure your button is big enough to stand out but not too big enough to become a distraction.
Colour: Does your CTA stand out from the rest of the content on the page – different colours promote different reactions – red = Urgency.

Your Offer

The offer is an important part of converting your traffic into leads. It’s the initial attraction that catches the attention of your website visitors and gives them a reason to fill out the form used to collect their information.

Your visitors will only share their contact information with you when they believe that you understand their challenges, are able to answer their problems and help achieve their goals by offering them something compelling and of value. Typical offers include e-books, white papers, and samples.

Above all else test and measure.

Your marketing strategy should ensure all your marketing activities are monitored against your marketing objectives. Testing and measuring your various Calls-To-Actions and Landing Pages will help determine what needs refining in order to get a higher response rate and in doing so helps achieve your marketing objectives.

Have you read all this before - but never implemented it successfully?

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