Four Key Tips to Improve Your Business’s Lead Generation.

Did you know 80% of all leads become missed sales? What’s more 70% of the client buying process has taken place before they begin to engage with you, your content or your selling process!

A misconception for many businesses is based around the thought process that once the leads are generated and start coming into the business they will automatically convert into sales.

However this is far from the truth, instead it is important for your company to be able to nurture these leads through building a relationship and rapport with them, till they are ready to convert.

Successfully nurturing your leads can be done by offering more comprehensive material that is targeted towards their needs to reassure them that your company is right for them and can meet their requirements and resolve their pain points.

Four key tips to reduce the risk of your company losing leads and potential sales.

1. Review

Review your current follow-up process through each stage of the cycle:

• Is it working effectively and efficiently?

• What is the ideal method clients prefer?

• What type of content is engaging leads? 

A review will highlight areas that are working well and areas which need to be revised. Depending where your lead is within the cycle will determine the follow-up required – further along the cycle the content and communication will need to become more targeted and personalised.

2. Research

Research your most recent conversions to better understand the patterns that currently exist. To get an accurate overview of the processes involved, ensure to include input from all team members who interacted with prospective clients.

3. Remind 

Remind your leads of the benefits your services/products provide, whether this is through reviews or results. Your business needs to continuously build trust whilst the prospective client needs to feel confident they are making the right decision.

4. Resolve 

Resolve your leads’ issues. You can say what you want about your super-amazing-never-seen-before-product. At the end of the day your leads have come to you with an issue they need resolving, by clearly defining your perspective clients’/leads’ issues, shifts the focus from selling “products and services” to resolving “their problems and needs”.

With a staggering 80% of lead opportunities becoming missed sales, lead nurturing is vital to keep in contact with the lead in relevant ways, helping to nurture the relationship till they are ready to commit.


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